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Bomb explosion kills 5 in Godob Jiiran.

Five people were killed and 2 others wounded after mentally ill man blew up a hand grenade in Godob Jiiran district of Nugal region on Wednesday , Puntlandi reports.

A man who is believed to be mentally sick was reported to had exploded a hand bomb and killed people who were trying to catch him at around 11:00 pm.

Those died in the accident include some district elders who were trying to safely remove the bomb from the him .

“ A person who was suffering mental health problems, was waving a hand grenade for the past several days, and district elders tried to take the bomb away from him while he was sleeping but it suddenly went off after he refused to hand over” said one witness.

All dead People have been buried today in the district graveyard, while the treatment of wounded people is going on .