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President Abdullahi Yusuf’s Body to return back home to Somalia on 25th March.

The funeral ceremony of the former leader, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, would be officially held in Mogadishu on Sunday 25. March 2012 , he will be laid to rest in Galkayo, Puntlandi reports.

The late president , Adullahi Yusuf Ahmed will be laid to rest after state funeral in the capital city on Sunday 25th March , 2012 . A week of a official mourning has also been declared in Somalia . All flags have been lowered to half mast for several days in both Puntland and rest of Somalia .

The president of Somalia, and international members are due to attend a national funeral of the ex-president .

Details of the funeral was announced by both TFG and Puntland officials today following an extraordinary meeting about the death of former leader.

The late Somali leader will be returned to Galkayo , where his relatives and the people of Puntland will laid him to rest.

President of Puntland said later today, that Puntland would make an official national funeral ceremony and also three day mourning for the late president.

Hundreds of people are participating the last funeral ceremony taking place in Puntland , where high profile members of the government and the people of Puntland would be there