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President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed laid to rest in his hometown, Galkayo.

The body of Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, the former president of Somalia and Puntland state , has been laid to rest in his home town ,Galkayo, Puntlandi reports.

Vast crowds lined the streets of Galkayo on Sunday, to witness and offer prayers to the body of Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed , whose special airplane brought him from Mogadishu

The death of former leader has prompted an outpouring of emotion across the country, where people extraordinary showed their sympathy to the families and friends of President Abdullahi Yusuf.

“It was unanimously agreed ,Abdullahi Yusuf was a transformational and charismatic leader , and he was a loyal who lived and died only for his country” said by one mourner.

Prsident Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, President Abrihaman Farole , Primeminister Abdi Wali Mohamed Ali and the speaker, Sharif Hassan are among participants at the funeral ceremony in Galkacyo’s main graveyard.

“ Abdullahi Yusuf was very close for me for the past several months, and we become friends. I could call him every time to follow his health condition . He was great man and he was patriotic man” Said Sheikh Sharif .

Meanwhile, Puntland president Abdirahman Mohamed Farole said at the funeral ceremony, Abdullhi Yusuf did not die only from his family but all Somali families.

“ He was a patriotic , He was the founder of Puntland, and he was the leader who was behind the peace and tranquility existing in Puntland” said the president Farole.