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President of Puntland answers questions asked by university students .

Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole responded questions asked by university students and intellectuals about several current issues on Friday.

The question and answers meeting organized by SOMALI SAT TV, was held at Puntland State University where sstudents got opportunities to ask questions to the president on numerous issues mostly about Puntland.

There were Puntland officials including vice president Abdisamad Ali Shire and cabinet and parliamentarians were present at the meeting.

Questions asked to the president were about ,Puntland’s oil exploration, election, security, Journalism laws, formation of political parts, and job creation for the young talented generation of Puntland.

President was very optimistic on all questions asked by university students and other participants .President said, Puntland is going to the right direction of prospect and development, and people should support their government .

When asked to give brief information about the first oil exploration made in Somalia for 20 years which is being made in Puntland , he says, Puntland will soon see its dream, and Puntland people as well as whole Somali people would benefit the project, he says no one would be rich in one day.

President said he was very happy to be with students of Puntland Universities particularly PSU and East Africa , the major universities in Puntand.

“ We have been in the power for 3 years and 3 months. We did a lot. The first 100 days our tenure we did a lot of positive things, and until now the development is going on and on” said the president “ We had emphasized economy , security, development, democratization process and forming political parts” he said.

Important Questions and Answers


How do you see if Puntland goes to democratization process and political parties?

Answer: “ Most of people in this hall don’t have concept about political parts, but they may understand how the world works and how developed world works. 15 April would be turning point of Puntland; Puntland would have new constitution which is the most concrete pillars of government. .. If it is not possible people to vote their constitution, then representatives from the people could do so, and this way is an international way in which many countries practiced…. Puntland wants to initiate change, and Puntland would leave before it has been left.…


Does Puntland government have plans to create jobs , and how Puntland create jobs for freshly graduated students?


“It is apparent there are job scarcity , but Puntland created a lot of job for its People . and developing and creating job for graduated students is the part of our Plan .Puntland institutions such Health and education sectors employ a lot of students , but power of Puntland to employ all the people is minimal. Our policy is to create jobs in private sectors for example making free enterprise . UN agencies and NGOs in Puntland employ number of puntlanders. ..Government would emphasize to boost what we call “ Labour intensive project” particularly for unskilled or semiskilled People . We brought an international companies in Puntland , we are exploring oil in Dharor and Nugal valley wich could create many jobs for the people. Turkish Government is also helping us to build a large school where students can learn technical skills”.


How does Puntland government protect the lives of people and property damaged by foreign vessels who say they are chasing Pirates in Puntland ?


“No one could justify piracy , Pirates tarnished the dignity of Somali people particularly Puntland, where Piracy starts functioning … Piracy starts when foreign vessels who were exterminating our fish sources bribed fisherman, then fisherman started piracy to earn a lot of money. With the help of European union we will train our navy to protect our sea from pirates. Piracy affects the basic life of Somali people; there is price hike in every where”


Is Puntland government planning to make Constitutional Court?


“Sharia and Law is very important sector for Puntland, and I am very happy to see Puntland institutes teaching Law.: People have right to get protection , and people them selves should now their rights , that is another important point”

“Criminals should be rewarded for their crime ,and every citizen should live with peace and freedom , to protect the right of citizens is our first priority , when the new constitution approved on 15th April , then constitutional court could be implanted.”


What is the plan of the government for Environmental protection? And does Puntland have department for awareness and teaching youth patriotism and love of the country?


“ These are the best questions being asked yet. On environment Question, I am going to tell you live stock pose threat to the environment , people may not now that, , on the other hand Puntland prohibited charcoal export from whole Puntland , this was done by previous governments, may be charcoal could be used by the people. There was a program in which government helped to be implemented which was using Gas instead of charcoal, but it is still under process… We also expect 25 Million euro project for to support Gas usage for cooking .People them selves could also take part, environment preservation. .

“The question related love of the country and awareness. Puntland has ministry of Youth which its job is to develop such programs. We also plan to inaugurate a Television and A.m radio which all Puntlanders could access simply . We are not able to talk the people individually, but this is the job of media and we will implement such developed media. Private media always exaggerate negatives of Puntland, but I tell them to the positives of Puntland. You tell when two girls fight , why don’t you tell the positives”.