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President of Puntland returns to Capital.

The president of Puntland Abdirahman Mohamed Farole along with a number of his government dignitaries who were in Galkayo for the past several days to participate funeral ceremony of former leader Abdullahi Yusuf , returned to Garowe , the capital of Puntland on Wednesday.

President and his delegates also participated in meeting held in Galkayo on the constitution and ending transition period of Somali government where the signatures of Garowe Principles , Somali’s president, prime minister and speaker attended

Puntland delegates led by president ,included vice president Abdisamad Ali Shire, Interior minister , information minister and other top officials .

The president is to address the people on his visit in Galkacyo and the roadmap conference held there..

Mr. Abdirahman Farole received a warm welcome from the government officials in Garowe.