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Puntland president confirms high-ranking members of al-Shabab arrive in Puntland .

President of Puntland Abdirahman Mohamed Farole called for international help to fight against Alqaeda who now shifted to Puntland after they have been defeated in the war in Southern Somalia.

Dr. Abdiraham Farole said, senior members of al-Shabab are shifting their operations into Puntland particularly Golis mountainous areas , where terrorist could have get chances to hide .

“ We appeal to international community for helping us the fight against the terrorists . Since 2010 al-Shabab were shifting into Puntland after their power was weekend by Transitional federal government and AMISOM forces.

Talking to BBC Somali Section , Puntland president renews the call for help from African Union and United nation tothe fight against al-Qaeda as they helped transitional national government

“ Since we had driven Islamist militants out from Puntland, they have started regrouping from the southern Somalia” said the president

President said they are heavily pouring into Puntland from land and sea .Part of al-Qaeda members are using boats sailing from Barawe and Marka with help of Alqaeda in Arabian Peninsula in Yemen.

“ We have been told they are shifting into Puntland territories , and they are coming to Puntland from different sides, part of them from central Somalia , Ethiopia , and Sool region ” he said.

“ We have also been informed that senior al-Shabab leader was seen in Laascaano, but no body helped us to capture him” said the president

Al-Shabab militants suffered a massive blow after they had driven out from major strongholds like Mogadishu and Baidowa, since then they started thinking another way of surviving by shifting into Puntland.